Community Cause

At ProVest Insurance Group, we want to make sure that our community members are always in good hands... We know we can positively impact lives, and we believe it all begins close to us, in our own South Florida, Raleigh/Cary, and DFW community.

Together, with you, we will make a difference! Every 30-60 days we’ll rally together around a specific cause, and lend a hand (or two!) to a family in need.

Regardless of each specific goal, our overall mission is to help restore lives, families, entire communities… We can do this!

Just $2-$3 dollars from individual contributors add up quickly with the power and reach of your social networks.


Help Howell Fight Brain Cancer!

Meet Howell, a beautiful 10 year old fighting a Pineoblastoma stage four brain tumor. He is a loving child and is struggling to get back to walking and playing soccer. He loves John Deere tractors and Nascar.

Howell was diagnosed on November 19, 2012 and was rushed by ambulance from Asheville, NC to Duke Children’s Hospital right after his MRI. He had symptoms of headaches and vomiting and had so much fluid in his brain. He had brain surgery soon after on December 28, 2012.

After the brain surgery he had radiation treatments everyday. April of 2013 he had inpatient chemotherapy and had his stem cells put back in. He lost so much weight and was very fragile. He had surgery to place a shunt in his head and had to use a wheelchair after the surgery.

He is currently going to doctor appointments for his walking and eating disorder. He also has a lot of anxiety and is trying to do the best he can with his schoolwork. Due to his brain tumor treatments, he should be in the fourth grade, but he is still in the third grade. Little Howell will probably attend summer school to pass to the fourth grade. He has so many challenges to overcome that will take a long time. He has several appointments a week consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy, eating therapy, and counseling. He has to have an MRI every three months on his brain and spine and has to be put to sleep for this procedure. He is an amazing child even after what all he has been through.

Howell Brown III and his mother have a serious financial hardship. They need help with housing and transportation. Also, Howell's diet consists of Pediasure, which is expensive. To make matters worse, Sue is dealing with all of this as a single mother with no additional family support.

Here at Provest Insurance, we feel compelled to help when one of our neighbors is in need. We are asking all our wonderful clients, friends, and family to join us in helping bring some joy back to Howell and his mom.


Provest Insurance Group


Diamond Blands of South Florida- COMPLETED

Diamond Blands of Sunrise, FL. Diamond is 16 years old, and she is currently on 11th grade. Diamond has 2 siblings, and currently lives with them, along with her mom, all supportive of her, as she was diagnosed at birth with the hereditary disease, Sickle Cell Anemia. Unfortunately, Diamond’s family has a history, and she has had to learn to live with her condition.

Despite the many impediments she’s faced, Diamond does well in school - she has a warm personality, many friends, but also appreciates the time she spends at home, while quietly recovering from one of her 4-5 monthly treatments at the Chris Evert Children’s Hospital, or even just preventing her symptoms from getting worse.

We were able to purchase Diamond a new laptop to continue her studies!


Lilith Christensen of Raleigh, NC - COMPLETED

We would like to thank all of those who have contributed to the “A Mother’s Love, To Save Her Child’s Broken Heart” campaign!
Your contributions will allow this 7yo girl’s home to be fixed, so that she can, once again live with her mom after losing her dad to cancer.

Thank you!!


Stormy and Violet Community Cause - COMPLETED

Thank you to all that contributed to this cause!

“Stormy”, as Allison is known amongst her friends, is the 18 year old single mother of Violet, who is 7 months old. Embracing parenthood so early in life is a tough curve all on its own… But Stormy was also diagnosed with a massive brain tumor in October, and instead of fully celebrating the Holidays, like most of us, she will be undergoing a very intrusive and life-threatening surgery this month.

Since the diagnosis, Stormy had to take an unpaid leave from her job. Her symptoms were becoming too severe, including severe migraines, numbness of the face, complete loss of hearing in her right ear, problems with equilibrium, affecting her balance and even simple motor skills.

Stroller for Jackie Community Cause - COMPLETED

We would like to thank all of those who have contributed to the “Stroller for Jackie” campaign!

Your contributions will allow a radiant two-year-old girl, born alcohol-exposed and diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, to receive a pediatric wheelchair, and comfortably experience LIFE... Thank you!!!